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HW Practical engineer

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HW Practical Engineer (more than 15 years experience):
* HW Automation & Tools testing development etc;
* Multidisciplinary integration & support;
* Hardware MCU/DSP/CPU (ARM, Microchip, TI, ST ...) based products Design Reviews & Troubleshooting; R&D capabilities;
* HW Verification & Validation, Component Engineering and Reengineering;
* Simulated circuit, assembly and testing of prototypes;
* Experience with electronics lab test equipment (,Oscilloscope ,Power Supplies, Loads, DMM RF Signal Generators, Fiber Optics Spectrum Logic Network Analyzers ,Counters and etc.);
* Experience writing test cases and documenting test results and Instructions for final testing;
* Test/ATE Engineering for Mass Production (ICT, Test Fixtures ...)
* Various control systems (GPIB Instrument Control, RS-232/485, Modbus, CanOpen Bus, etc.);
* Data Processing & Logging to DB (VBA, SQLbuilders).

I am creative, independent, fast self learning person with good
analytic skills and non-standard approach.
Open minded, initiator, generative and administrative.
Multidisciplinary and broad knowledge in Hardware & Software.
Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills,
Team Player. Search, monitoring, long-term relationships with
vendors, suppliers and customers, good logistic skills.



Петах Тиквa
e-mail: alexvisard@gmail.com

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